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Grace for today and bright hope for tomorrow

Lord, give me grace one more day to fight the tempter’s power

Love that holds me close in my darkest hour

Hope that clings to the truth of Your love

Peace the reminds me of the perfect peace only You can give

The Holy Spirit is my comforter when life is tough

Keeps me safe when life’s raging seas are rough

Who am I that You, Lord, should love me?

A sinner undeserving of your grace

Yet freely did Your love flow

The love that won’t let me go

The love that defeats the cunning foe

The Cross is where I’m set free

Free to be the me You want me to be

Free to love because of the crimson flow

That through Christ’s death I can live

Through His sacrifice He did give

Give the gift of His life to cleanse our sins

Grace that helps us have joy within

Grace that helps us to love again

Love that breaks the chains of sin

And helps us in our fears

So life is not filled with tears

Grace that stands the test of time

Peace in the storms of life

Peace from our daily strife

Thank you for the gift of Your amazing love

That gives me grace for today and tomorrow

The grace that can only come from above

Grace for today

Bright hope for tomorrow

That is all we ask

Until we finish Your earthly plan

And in Heaven’s love we do bask

Yes, that is all we ask

That is all we ask