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The call to peace of your weary soul

Today, oh God, grant Your abiding peace for our weary souls. Help us to know even in the darkest of circumstances You protect us.

Let us prayerfully reflect on the words of It is Well with My Soul.

Lord, as I pray to You I hear Your holy call

A call to peace for all

For the weary

For the searchers of Truth

For those who have wandered far from You

Father, I ask that You would be our peace

We live with daily frustrations

Computer crashes

Irritating and annoying pop up ads that make us angry

The people we have to deal with but would prefer not to

The attacks from the Enemy left, right and centre

People who get under our skin

Relatives who try to dump their life garbage on us

No, we don’t have a sign on our forehead that says garbage dump

Those with chronic illness who are judged as lazy and seeking attention

The ever-growing darkness in all the media

News reports of wars and wars in the making

The gut-wrenching horror of terrorism as we hear of the death of the innocents

The pawns of the murderous agenda of terrorists

Marriages on the brink of divorce

Children feeling guilty their parents are divorcing

That they feel responsible

That they did something wrong to cause that divorce

Those who live in the misery of poverty of mind, body and soul

The minister who is in burnout

The worker who is exhausted

The manager who has an ulcer

The C.E.O. who is burnt out

The parents who see their children sinking into the abyss of addiction

The developmentally challenged person who is scorned and ridiculed

Leaders of our government who seek direction and wisdom

Politicians whose families miss them as they spend long hours working for their constituents

Mothers who think it would be a greater mercy for their children to die

Than face seeing the horrible, slow and agonizing death of malnutrition

A doctor who has to tell their patient to prepare for their death

The victims of abuse who seek restoration of their hope

The abused who have been programmed by those who have abused them to think they are stupid, lazy and a waste of flesh

The pregnant teenager who has been abandoned by the person who made her pregnant and begs to be loved

The people in need who are turned away at food banks

Those who operate food banks and can only give three days of food

Lord, food banks should not be regarded as a solution

Father, we need to do better with government and community working together to come up with solutions for poverty

So that all people can be free of the anchor of poverty

Its crushing weight to body, mind and soul

There are those who are angered by the injustice in their lives

Those who have failed to listen to their cries for help

Those who hoard their wealth rather than sharing it with those in need

Father, our world is in a mess

There is far too much noise, too much pain in people’s lives

Help all of them to know that only You can give a lasting peace

A peace that can live in reign in our hearts with all of the pain within us

Only You, oh God, can bring joy in our sorrow

Help us see a brighter tomorrow

Help us see hope when hope is dying

Show us where we have become blind

Guide us in seeing that the peace that will never erode is found in You

In being real about our pain

Not masking it

Not denying it is there

Being open with You and those we trust about our pain

About how we really feel

Thank you, Lord, for loving us

For hearing us in our doubts and our fears as we call to You

Our Fortress

Our Rock

Our Strength

Our Redeemer

Our Deliverer

Our Forever Friend