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You can be a light

candle in window

Dear reader: I will soon be posting this song on you tube. As a gift of being so encouraging and supportive of my wife, Karen and me, in our struggles, I offer this gift from God’s and my heart to all of you of the lyrics of this song, which my Lord had me write while on respite care at Northview Nursing Home in Englehart, northern Ontario, Canada. While the health challenges grow greater, on some levels there is finally an ongoing healing journey occurring. Please keep us in your prayers as we take this healing journey together with its ups and its downs. Father, help my own weaknesses in my humanity decrease, that I would be one of Your lights shining to hurting hearts. Thank you for this time to renew myself within to be the man of God, the husband and one of your servants, filled with Your love and joy abounding. Amen.

May your journey be made lighter today by this song lyric.


You can be a light

You can be a light right where you are

Lifting up all those who feel down

You can turn a frown into a smile

Giving yourself to others

You can give service from your heart

Going that one step more

You can help each other to sing a song of joy

By taking the time to care

You can be the eyes that take time to see

Seeing the pain in each soul

You can shine a light from your eyes

Shine your light to each other

Let us all be like candles shining in the dark

Helping each other to see

We all have lights deep inside of us

Share your light today

–Kevin Osborne