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I am praying for you

praying hands on Bible

When someone says, I am praying for you and you know the person is not just mouthing the words but meaning it with their heart, it reaches you. You feel loved. You feel valued.

This post is to reach out to all of you and say and really mean it, that I do pray for you. Not a day goes by that the thoughts you share with me aren’t lifted in some way before my Father, even if it is a simple, “Lord, meet this person’s need” or,  “Lord, comfort this struggling and hurting soul.”

Yesterday, my wife Karen, had to call 911 because of a flare up of my bronchitis and a rare mast cell auto immune condition. Oxygen was required both in the ambulance and during the several hours I was in the hospital. My breathing medications have been doubled. The struggle last fall with my health continues. I will continue to fight. The Enemy will not win.

This prayer below was emailed to a dear friend, who is a member of my former church. I have asked her to share it with her Bible class. I pray it will be a blessing to you. It is my prayer for all of you.

Your servant,



Almighty God, I thank you for all the faithful who uplift Karen and me in prayer. What a blessing beyond measure it is to be supported in prayer! Let us all lift up one another, hearing each other’s struggles and rejoicing in our triumphs.

Give us Your abiding peace when the waves of life come crashing down around us. In that raging storm help us to hold on to the firm anchor of Your forever love, the love that holds us fast, causes us to grab on to You all the more.

Infill us all with Your abounding joy! Let us sing praises to You even as we face illness, the agonizing pain of loss of those who have been put on permanent assignment in Heaven and those we know, our family and friends, who still stubbornly persist that they will not give their heart and life to You. Father, break down the walls that keep them from giving their life, their heart, their soul to You.

We are more than conquerors through our saviour who loves us and gave Himself for us on the cross of cruelty, which He transformed into the cross of Love — the Light and the Hope of our searching hearts.

Forgive us when we stumble, when we get out of step with You. Let us not be defeated by that nagging and accusing voice of the Enemy, who reminds us of how short we all fall of Your glory. That is when we need to say that we know who we are in Christ, that we are people under divine construction. Praise God that work is an ongoing one as we are all making that long journey of being perfected in love!

Guide us as we seek by Your strength to live each day for You. Thank you for loving us all, sinners saved by grace, Your amazing grace.


The peace and abounding joy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all!