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Grace for the moment

When I gave my life to Christ over 30 years ago, I said to my Lord that my life was no longer my own. He owned it.  I was being called to give myself away.  In reflecting upon our need even for grace for the moment, we give ourselves away. We say that God is the Lord of our life, no matter whether that call is to reach out to the wounded at home or abroad. The song below says what is on my heart and I feel is on many other hearts as well.

Almighty God, we come to You today and ask that You would give us grace for the moment. Lord, sometimes the struggles of this life are overwhelming. The Filipino people are reeling with the terrible devastation of Typhoon Haiyan.  Looting runs rampant as soldiers are armed with machine guns. People’s health is failing without clean water or no food to eat. The Department of Public Health says the risk for diahrrea, influenza and bacterial infection is high.

In times like these when children are crying and parents see their children suffer, when a father is seriously ill because he can’t get to his needed dialysis treatment, when food aid isn’t getting to those who need it so desperately, we beseech You with searching hearts asking the why questions.

Why such loss? Why so many deaths? What does this say about Your character? Why would You allow such agonizing and tortorous suffering to body, mind and spirit?

To say we know why would be to say we have Your mind. How could we as mere mortal beings know the answer to these soul-searching questions? This is one of the mysteries of Your character, that continues to perplex the most learned theologians, and all who seek to follow You.

What we do ask before Your holy throne of grace, is that You would give us the words we should say and write to the Filipino people.  Show us all the actions we need to take, to give the people of the Philippines all the help they need now and into the future.

When my wife, Karen, needs comfort and not words I hug her. That is the love language she connects with and understands. She doesn’t want my explanations. She doesn’t ask for me to reason her through what she is feeling.

So, Lord, today we ask You for grace for this moment. Help us in our prayers, blogs, and in all our communications to send the Filipino people the biggest hug we can in the best way it can be sent, because they need that so much right now, and well into the future.

Our human love would surely fail us. It would buckle under the weight of such great need.

Grace for the moment is all we ask. Hear us as we call out to You.