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Kevin’s Inspiration Minute -Who am I?

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I offer everyone an opportunity to escape prisons of poverty, abuse and despair. I help them see beyond their darkness of today to the light of their tomorrow.

I am in every prayer of a child in the haunting nights of their fears, who cries out to be released from their living hell of abuse. I am with every mother and father, who prays that malnutrition will not take away the life of their children pieces at a time. I am with those who cry out for a release from the unending torment of their addictions. I am in the prayer of every promising student, prepared to work hard to get a good education and career.

I am in every tear of a child or teenager sold into a life of prostitution and slave labour.

I am in the gut-wrenching pain of everyone on welfare and disability, who ask to be treated with the dignity that is the fundamental right of every human-being. I am in their cries for help for a way out of the misery of their poverty.

I live in every heart who has not given into the darkness, who fights on that one more day, even as logic says to give up.

I am inside the soul of every working person, who wants to provide for their families, so their children can have a better life than they had.

I live in the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr., who envisioned a world of brotherly love, equality and freedom from how poverty oppresses the spirit, robs people of their joy and steals away their dreams.

Who am I? I am Hope and I am Love. I am the hope that lives in everyone who has not yet given up. I am the Love, the Light in everyone who believes as we lift up others, we lift up ourselves.

Let the flame of Hope and the light of Love, God’s love that lives in even searching hearts, guide and direct us.

Today and every day, let us ask ourselves how we can be hope and love to others. Then, let us be that strong arm of support to those who need us.

Let hope and love live, so that hopelessness and hate would die.