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Seeing through My Father’s Eyes

Father, give me Your spiritual eyes to see

The suffering cries of humanity

The prostitute on the street

The disabled who can’t walk, see, speak or hear

The abused who live in fear

The police officer who risks their life out on the beat

That child longing for a home

The broken in spirit who from You far do roam

That promising student living in poverty’s degradation

Who is willing to work hard to get an education

The soldier who risks their life every day

Who goes into the hellish fray

For their protection, Lord, we do pray

For the soldier who dies in the line of fire

We pray their soul You’ll take up higher

Give us Your eyes to see

The addict seeking a way out of their living hell

The teenager who for a fix her body does sell

That homeless man who asks from you, from me

An ounce of our soul’s humanity

Father, give me a heart for the stranger who wanders into our church sanctuary

Who answers the call of Christ to be set free

Praying that their beautiful soul You’ll help me see

Help me to hear the cries of those who live in joy-stealing poverty

Give me Your arms that reach out to the broken-hearted

Who from You they have departed

Remove my spiritual blindness

And give me Your loving kindness

Let Your compassion live inside of me

And help me through Your eyes see

Those heart cries of suffering humanity

And tell them that Your love will set them free

A beautiful world it can be for you, for me

For all humanity

When we have our Father’s eyes