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Be Community of Caring


My beloved friends:

This morning please lift Karen and I up before the Father. I am experiencing an ongoing allergy attack after exposure to someone wearing a scented product in the waiting room area of nearby Temiskaming Shores Hospital. My breathing is horrible. Blood oxygen on telehome monitoring is down to 92%. This means that my breathing is greatly compromised.

There is increased fluid retention that is putting a greater strain on my respiratory system. There is itching all through my body for which I have been taking medication for since yesterday.

Please help us with our fundraiser. Get people together to have a fundraiser. I desperately need your prayers and your support of our fundraiser.I have put in so many hours on it that it is affecting my health.  No amount is too small. Please tell your pastor, priest, minister or rabbi about it.

For those who have not posted it to your social media pages, please do so. Bring the issue of lack of government support for those with mastocytosis out into the public spot light. Yet, this is not just an issue for the government. This is where we get an opportunity individually and collectively to be a community of caring.

I offer this quote from Starhawk. “Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Some place where we can be free.” This is your opportunity to be that community of caring as you see the needs around you and ask yourself this question. How can I best show that I care? If you search within your soul I believe you will be given the answer to that question.

Media people and bloggers, use the power of your words to get the message out loud and clear not just about our story but everyone’s story with mastocytosis. With proper medical and vocational support many more people with this terrible condition could go on to work and study.

I will end here because I am quite weak and need to conserve my energy for the fight ahead of me to recover from yet another in a series of mast cell attacks which take longer to recover from.

Please pray that mastocytosis specialist Dr. Jason Lee will put me on a more effective management program of this condition.

Please pray and help those with mastocytosis to live the quality life that is the fundamental right of every human-being. You can donate to the journey of finding a cure for it here.

For those in the United States you can donate to The Mastocytosis Society.

There are chapters for mastocytosis all around the world. I urge you to donate to the one in your area.

I rest myself in the healing power of Christ, the greatest physician of all.

Here is our link for the fundraiser and my story.

God’s abiding peace be with you.