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Some sayings – An early Christmas gift for you

Christmas Gift

Reflecting upon our journey of faith and also as a gift for busy pastors as we enter the Christmas season, here are some sayings I wrote the Lord gave me to share. Please feel free to use them in church bulletins or for your individual use. They are the Lord’s and my early Christmas present.

1) How can we inspire others to stand up for their convictions if we remain in the timidity of our fears?

2)Christmas is about the Presence, not about the presents.

3) How can we lead a seasoned life if we have no spice in it?

4)As we say goodbye to this old year, let us all say hello to this new year.

5)Lead us out of the tunnel of darkness with the torch of Your light.

6)How can you have My peace if you remain at war with Me?

7)Saying difficult things never comes easily.

8)Give a gift greater than a tablet. Give your time.

9)Often you can’t hear Me, but I always hear you.

10)Let us all seek to live in peace that no more would die in war.

11)Lord, help us to lead others from spiritual poverty  to the wealth of Your grace.

12)Lord, help us in our spiritual blindness to embrace the Light of Your Love.

13)Save us from being lost in the haunting hallways of our past.

14) Welcome love and kick out hate.

15) Embrace the truths of Christ. Reject the lies of the Enemy.

16)How can we show others the hope of Heaven if we remain in the hopelessness of our hell?

17)To walk the highway of holiness we must reject the highway of our sin.

18)My grace line is open 24 hours a day, and I even accept your long distance calls.

19)Lord, give us courage in our cowardice.

20)Lord, let us embrace the flame of Your holiness to extinguish  our flickering faith.

–Kevin Osborne