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My New Year’s thoughts

The old year is ending

The new year is dawning

Lord, we ask You for the grace to forgive

To let past wrongs sink into the sea of forgetfulness

Give us a new song in our heart

A lightness of being

A new spring to our step

Help us to see the love and beauty around us in all things You’ve created

The birds that sing

The sun that beams through the windows of our home

The sweet wind of Your love that caresses our spirits

The majesty of an eagle as it soars through the sky

The grace of a gazelle as it leaps across the African jungle

The beauty that I saw in South Korea with its  mountain ranges

The fragrance of flowers

Our affectionate pets

Lord, we thank You for caring family and friends who are there in our hour of greatest need.

They hear our pain in our defeats and rejoice with us in our victories

Let us all resolve this year that we will be even kinder than the year before

More understanding

More caring

More tolerant

More giving

Father, we know not what the future holds, but we know You hold the future

My prayer for you is that you would know without a doubt how special you are in  God’s eyes. He has a wonderful plan for you!

There is a well-worn phrase but a good one. “Trust in the darkness what you were shown in the light.” Life can get dark. Life circumstances can be overwhelming. In these times it’s hard, really hard to see that even in the most trying circumstances God’s amazing love is with us. When I get overwhelmed by my circumstances, the Lord sends someone into my path to help me see things in a different light, from a more hopeful perspective.

God doesn’t always expect us to be smiling about our life. Christ wept. He felt the pain of rejection. He was branded as a social outcast. He was crucified for our sins. Yet, through it all our saviour trusted in the darkness what He was shown in the light.

So, my  dear friends, let us enter 2014 with our heads to the Son and the sun. Know that I will be here to pray with you in your struggles and to believe with you for the awesome plans God has for your life!

Have a Son-filled 2014 as you reflect that Emmanuel will always be with you, even through the darkest and most dismal of circumstances.

Kevin 😀