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Isn’t it amazing how easily we forget one of God’s most profound commands that he gives us? Perhaps because we feel like it gets nothing done. Perhaps we feel unproductive, or lazy. Perhaps we even feel like we’re committing a sin.

Why do we forget to rest? And I mean real, true rest. Being a couch potato and sitting in front of the tube for eight hours eating cookie dough is not resting. True resting is stepping away from work to allow our minds to think about what we really want to think about, namely ourselves, our dreams, and our imagination. Resting is that period of being creative, too. Have you thought of it in this sense before?

This beautiful song, “We Dance,” by Steffany Frizzell, made me think about what it is to truly rest. Dancing is a form of letting go, loosening up, and having fun. We spend so much time being “productive” for God, but one thing he wants more is just to dance with us. And, very often, dancing with God is what we need in answer to some questions. “When my faith gets tired and my hope seems lost, you spin me round and round and remind me of that song, the one you wrote for me.” Perhaps the answer to your tired faith is not active revitalization. It just might be a simple, relaxing dance with God.

Let him remind you of the song, the one he wrote just for you.