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Are you asking the right questions?

I asked the Lord for patience. He said, “Wait.”

I asked for success. My Lord asked, “Why?”

I cried out to God for strength. I was told, “Be weak.”

I prayed for a brighter future. The Lord said,” Dump the garbage of your past.”

I called out to my Lord in my illness for healing. He said, “The greater healing is that of the abused heart that lives to love again.”

I asked for poverty in the world to end. I was told,  “Help one suffering soul.”

I asked God to forgive me for hurting others. He said, “I do, but do you forgive yourself?”

I pleaded with God to get rid of the bitterness in my heart. He said, “Get rid of your poisonous thoughts towards others.”

I asked to be wealthy. The Lord said, “Then, learn how to love in poverty.”

I hated myself. My Lord said, “I love you.”

I thought I was ugly. My Lord said, “I think you’re beautiful.”

I said, “Lord, I want to help create a more beautiful world.” He smiled and said, “Create a more beautiful you. ”

I guess it’s all about asking the right questions.