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Our New Year’s Prayer For You

new year's prayer love never grow old

Loving heavenly Father, Karen and I pray for all out there,

that they would feel Your love in every care.

In every struggle they are going through,

they would feel light in their darkness shine through.

Give to them eyes to see they aren’t weak for

seeking the help of others.

This is how we show we are sisters;

we are brothers.

We hope for them that every day

they would feel Your love that never goes away.

Bless their lives abundantly.

Help them joy in life to see.

Their lives are a gift to suffering humanity.

Have them take times to laugh.

Others would feel the healing medicine of their smile.

Grant to them a listening ear to those feeling sad, feeling lonely, feeling fear.

Guide them as to others they draw near.

More than being wealthy this we would pray;

they would feel the richness of Your love every day.

We hope for peace in people’s lives to live.

It’s the love inside that is the best thing to give.

We hope that today and with every tomorrow,

you would feel God’s comfort in times of sorrow.

When you feel or see anyone outside in the bitter cold,

you would share with that person the story of God’s love

that never grows old.

Take time away from the noise in your life to read God’s Word,

for quiet reflection so you will be given strength from above,

to share with others the message of God’s healing love.

Lord, please give to all a renewed sense of purpose,

the growing feeling of Your holy call.

God richly bless you one and all!

Dr. Kevin James Osborne Psy D., D.Sc., D.D., is the Vice-President of Institutional and Mission Development for St. James the Elder University. He is a chaplain with Holy Catholic Church International. Dr. Kevin Osborne feels God is leading him to study more about theology, music, writing, and counseling. Dr. Karen Osborne D.Sc. in Psychology is a counselor and a writer. Our mission field is wherever God puts us for His glory. Below, is our counseling website. If you feel we can help you, we are only a phone call away at 1-705-316-0725. You can reach us also by emailing us at or

Below, is the link to our counseling website.