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My grace line is open 24 hours a day

I pray the song above spoke to your heart.

This post today is a message of love my Lord called me to share with you. God wants you all to know How special you are to Him.

He loved you so much that He sent His one and only son to die for you, yes you. He would have sent His son if you were the only person on this earth. Why? Because He loves you, yes you. He loves you even when you don’t love yourself.

He calls out today to all the abused, rejected, dejected and depressed. He says don’t believe the vicious and destructive lies the Enemy has been tellling you.

You, yes you are a blessing. There is no one quite like you.

What a beautiful person you are! Oh, if you could  see yourself the way God sees you! You are the apple of His affection. He loves you with an everlasting compassionate love.

Your Lord wants you to soar on the wings of your potential. You are the eagle He wants to take flight, flying through the sky to the unique call He has on your life.  Only you can answer that call to do the things that He wants done because you are His specialist. There are special areas of ministry only you can travel into, because all you experienced has trained you for that unique calling.

Hold fast to His love every second.  I plead with you not to turn your eyes away from Him not even for one moment. It is then that that sly and cunning Enemy will get a foothold into your life. Don’t give that disgusting Prince of Liars the opportunity.

The Enemy has been attacking me and my beautiful and supportive wife, Karen. He wants our destruction.  We are more than conquerors through the love of Christ within us. The Enemy will not be victorious over us, because God is on our side as He is on yours.

I ask for your prayers as I work hard with His help to recover from a super combo respiratory bug and sinus infection I’ve been battling now into its third month. My pastor has already had the elders of his church praying for me and Karen.

If anyone is ill he should send for the Church elders. They should pray over him, anointing him with oil in the Lord’s name. Believing prayer will save the sick man; the Lord will restore him and any sins that he has committed will be forgiven. You should get into the habit of admitting your sins to each other, and praying for each other, so that if sickness comes to you, you may be healed (James 5:14-16, J.B. Phillips New Testament).

I will share with you with some reluctance that at the age of 20 when I accepted Christ I was given a vision of a purple cross. I  didn’t even want to tell the man who led me to Christ what I saw as I closed my eyes. He would think I had totally lost it. Yet, my Lord called me to share the vision I was given.

I breathed a deep sigh of relief when he didn’t reject what I had seen. He told me he knew what the vision meant. He told me he did not envy me this tough calling because to fulfill it, I would have much suffering in my life. This would happen, so I could help others in their struggles.

I was hesitant sharing with you that I saw this  purple cross as I closed my eyes and prayed the sinner’s prayer .  It is also referred to as the salvation prayer.

I am no one special. I don’t think I’m better than any of you. I am a sinner saved by grace, who has been given a hard calling.  I seek to serve my Lord with an abounding joy in all I do for Him.

If you don’t know Christ as your personal Lord and saviour, you, yes you, right now can accept Him. He doesn’t need any fancy words. You don’t require any eloquence about asking Christ into your life. Just tell Him what is on your heart. He’ll do the rest.

Wherever you are, God is here to hear your prayer. I have only added the sinner’s or otherwise known as the salvation prayer as a guide for you. Your own words are the ones God really wants to hear.

Salvation Prayer
Lord, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I am a sinner. I am sorry for my sins, and the life that I have lived. I need your forgiveness.
I believe that your only one and only Son, Jesus Christ, shed His precious blood on the cross and died for my sins. I am now willing to turn away from my sin.  Right now I confess Jesus is the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior. According to His Word, right now I am saved.
If you said this prayer, please write to Marmar, me or any of the fellow co-authors. We’d be really glad to hear your  story and guide you in what will be an exciting journey filled with its joys and challenges. Through the really tough times He’ll be with you. You have His Word on it.

We are not special. We are all sinners saved by grace.

I write this prayer as an expression of what I feel is on many hearts today.

Lord, oh how I need Your grace today! I live in a world of increasing inhumanity and injustice. Father, I have to turn away so many times when I see the many news stories about the suffering that is in our world.

When will we stop hurting one another? When will we learn to love one another, really love one another? When will we sit down and work together for kinder communities and a more just world?

The Enemy is a lion seeking whom he show devour. Lord, keep us close to Your heart. We need You, of how we need You! We can’t make it through this life with all of its struggles without You.

We thank You that we can come to You whenever we need You. Your phone line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You always accept our long distance calls. 

Lord, I know You are busy with billions of lives to watch over, so I’ll end this call by saying I love you so so very much. Thank you, Lord, for giving me a gift better than any Christmas present. You saved me from my sinful life over 30 years ago.

That’s the wonderful thing about grace. Lord. The total cost of Your love is no charge.

Help me every day to tell my wife how beautiful she is. Lord, thanks for bringing her into my life. She is more precious to me than gold. Wow! You give us such awesome gifts!

Lord, just one last but very important thing before I go to labour for You today. Lord, tell me when I should let others know about the plan You gave me in March to reduce world poverty. I’ve worked so hard on it. I know in my heart it is a vision You gave to me.

Father, it’s too much work to do on my own. I could really use the help of so many people to make Your vision a reality. Lord, I don’t know much about forming a charitable foundation. There’s so much I need to learn about fundraising and networking. Please send me mentors to teach me all I need to know.

So, following Your lead, Lord, I’ll share Your international poverty plan again. I really hope I get the help I need to make it a reality. I’m open to changing it, Lord as You call me to do so. I will listen to wise counsel.

Thank you for all Your blessings, Lord. As I write this prayer, I am so thankful for this beautiful home You provided for us to rent. There are so many, Lord, in the Philippines , the U.S. Midwest and throughout our world, who are homeless. Father, please give them all the home You want them to have.

Let us all work together, Lord, for a kinder world. Let us all put down the weapons of hatred, judgment, indifference and intolerance.

And as we work together, let us all remember that Your grace line is open 24 hours a day.


P.S. Here’s why I believe God wants a world-wide charitable foundation called Agape International Ministries started. Please pray over it and offer me whatever help you can with it. Prayer is a powerful weapon the Lord has given us. Let us use it together for His honour and glory.

I leave you for now with this children’s song the Lord and I wrote. I have an idea of it being sung with a guitar playing as background music.  The song is I AM LOVE.  Please pray it gets published as a gift for local and international missions.