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To be a soldier of the Cross

I was called over 30 years ago to be a soldier of the Cross

To fight for what is right even though it would mean loss

The loss of friends whom I hold dear

To heed our Savior’s call

It still hurts inside when I think of all I’ve lost

To be true to my calling of being a soldier of the Cross

I fear too many in the Church are preaching a watered down gospel

I could not stay where I could not be a true soldier of the Cross

I could not stay where I could not live for truth and all that is holy

To serve my Savior only

And not bow down any longer to the injustice I saw around me

So, I made the painful decision to leave

And that my heart still does grieve

But when Christ said take up your cross and follow Me

To speak for Him

To set the prisoner free

I made a promise, a solemn covenant with Him

Even in doing so that I should become grim about all I have lost

To be a soldier of the Cross

But I had no choice you see

For I still needed to look into the mirror

And see my soul was still there

I’ve been rejected, scorned, ridiculed and abused

I heard my Savior’s call to give my all in all

To fight for the rejected, dejected and abused

To comfort those who are poor and lonely

To serve my Savior only

To call the wounded to a victorious life

To count all my loss but gain

Because  it’s our Lord we should be serving and not the call of man

Know this and know it well

There’s a cost when you tell others there is a Hell

When you live and preach an uncompromised gospel

There will be people who get hostel

But think about our Savior

Who called people on their behaviour

Did He shirk His Father’s call?

No. He gave His all in all

To those tossed about on life’s stormy seas

He did it for YOU and He did it for ME,

That we all might know the joy of knowing Him

Healing our wounded hearts

Freeing our tortured souls

He died at Calvary upon a rugged cross

The emblem of suffering and shame

Because our Savior had heard His Father’s call

Can we do any less for He who counted the cost

To be a soldier of the Cross?

To be a soldier of the Cross?