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If I could just sit and listen for a while

If I could just sit with you and listen for a while

I’d do all I can to turn that frown into a smile

I’d hear your pain and your sorrow

I would tell you there is a brighter tomorrow

I would listen as your poured out your pain

How you feel tossed about to and fro

How you don’t no where to go

How you fight each day that foe

You feel so guilty when you hear of Christmas joy

You want to laugh but all you can do is cry

You lost a mother at this time of year

You lost a father, brother, sister, loved one or close friend

I know some of what you must be going through

I lost my mother at age 57

Three days before Christmas 1992 she went to Heaven

But before she went I felt the love flow from her hand in that cold ER room

She told me she was tired and loved me so

She said in words she could not express

As tears flowed from my fevered brow

Kevi, I love you so

Look after my husband George and live a life of joy

You see, son, I knew from the time you were a wee tot

that you were not like most boys who love to play with toys

I know you loved to play with your G.I. Joe and laugh and play

But as I had your teachers have you read the stories of Keller and Braille

I saw that the love of Christ from you did flow

The love for others in their deepest pain

Your love for those who are abused

Son, I can’t heal here

Kevi, I’ve tried . Oh, how I’ve tried to

But I can’t forget the times I was black and blue

Kevi, don’t go on living in pain like me

I must go to Heaven now to be fixed by God, you see

Kevi, forgive your father for all the blows you suffered

to your mind and to your heart

God hears your pain and so do I

Kevi, oh how He wants you to know you’re the apple of His eye

I know that you must cry

I feel your tears and God does too. God does too.

Kevi, live for Him and call others to the Cross

Tell them in their storms and tempest tossed

that they can live a life of victory

That life can begin anew

for me and for all of you

Kevi, point the abused and those dejected

to the One who was rejected

to the Lamb of God and Bright Morning Star

to the Lily of the valley and the Rose of Sharon

to hope when their hope is dying

to those in poverty and despair

You see, Kevi that’s what Christmas is all about

It’s not about the presents under the tree

It’s not about the gifts we give to one another

While all these things are a joy to receive

Let not one person be deceived

Christmas is about the love of Christ that came to us in a manger

It’s about love for your family, friends and the stranger

Kevi, I must now go away from the pain on this earth

to eternal joy with my Lord

Please don’t live in anger anymore

Tell them on the land and on stormy seas

that they can be set free from all today

if they would just have their own Christmas day

and let all the pain out and have God come in

and let all the pain out and have God come in

to be their hope and stay

That will be their Christmas day

That will be their Christmas day