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Our greatest call

There was a man who hated Christmas

He snapped and snarled when he would see

the children  playing happily

It reminded him of a time when he was young

when love came into his life

then came a time of strife

when illness came and the love of his life did die

his wife of thirty years

Pneumonia came and snuffed out her life

For many years he lived in misery

growing more bitter as the years went by

hating Christmas more and more

until one day he did see

a man who looked no more than 33

with a kind face and a smile as wide as could be

The man looked different than most men

His eyes could pierce to the man’s soul

They were filled with compassion for the widowed man

This stranger looked into the bitter man’s eyes

and said these words he never forgot

I have watched you now for seven years

I’ve heard your anger

I’ve felt your tears

I know you’re torn inside

and so many times have wanted to die

I was there when your wife came home to Me

You see I’m Jesus Christ the man of Galilee

and if you don’t believe in Me

Believe in the One who sent Me

My Father took your wife to His home on high

because she was filled with so much sadness

for you

because you chose to follow the god of money

instead of the God of your soul

She prayed and prayed and prayed some more

until she could pray no more

Filled with grief and sorrow for you

her life became filled with too much pain

Then, ill did she become

sick in body, spirit and mind

until the only merciful thing left for Me to do

was to take your wife home to heal her in Heaven

The man was shocked

He could not speak

He cried and then cried some more

and said to the Christ he had rejected so

please forgive me I didn’t know

that through my wife’s death she was given

her best Christmas present

of eternal life with with You

The Christ who I did hate and revile

thank you for the gift of your smile

I accept you as the Lord of my life

And from this day forth

I’ll tell others about You

Say hello to my wife for me

I’ll see her when my work for You is done

And with those words did Christ depart

as the man told others about Him in every shop and mart

about how from the death of his wife he came to life

And the man spoke of the greatest call

to love Christ our all in all

to love Christ our all in all