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Mastocytosis Will Not Eat My Dreams

Later that evening I was rushed to Englehart Hospital with a life-threatening mast cell attack. When paramedics arrived they had to give me oxygen. Karen gave me an EPI pen prior to their arrival. 

At Englehart & District Hospital under the care of ER physician , Dr. Aminian, I was given the following medications by IV: !) Salumederol (a steroid to help with breathing), Benadryl, and 3)Zantac -used to help mitigate the effects of an allergy or mast cell attack.

We ask for your prayers and support in this difficult journey of faith. Mastocytosis and all my conditions is the cross Karen and I have been called upon to carry. We believe that cross is made lighter because Christ’s love for us and the love of His people help to make that cross lighter.

When God calls we will be available for the places to go that He will use us to give our inspiring story. I can give busy and dedicated pastors a day off by giving the sermon and leading worship. I am a trained tenor who enjoys singing hymns and classical pieces. My wife, Karen, is a skilled public speaker.

I would be open to a literary agent or other contacts helping to publish the writing God has put upon my heart to share. I have written over 320 pieces. Please pray that God will open the doors He wants for possible publication of the ones that would be of the greatest blessing to others.

Many have read the synopsis of the fictional account of my life story that with a team working with me, I believe could become a book and a TV mini series. It is called God’s Miracles For Him. For those who have not seen it, I offer it again.

I am praying also in God’s time that the blogs of Marmar and fellow co-authors will become a book that will inspire people in their journey. Please keep that thought God has put upon my heart in your prayers.

I have written many prayers for a hopeful future book entitled Prayers from the Garden. It consists of intercessory and reflective prayers.

I hope to produce many music CDS for the purpose of poverty alleviation. We ask for you to pray for God to open the door for fully funded CDS to be produced in a music studio. 

We are so deeply uplifted by your prayers and love for us you are giving to us in this journey of faith. You are Christ’s love poured out and running over.

We pray God’s richest blessings upon your life. You are amazing! Never forget that.