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In Stillness We Hear

boy listening to seashell

Father, slow down our minds so, like a child listening to a seashell, we take the time to hear the sounds of Your peace.

Have we been rushing too much, failing to listen to lessons taught by You in quietness? Please forgive us. Have we confused Your plan with ours? Give us clarity. Have we been so busy that we have made deals with You about the amount of time we are called to be still and know that You are God? O, draw us to that peaceful place where we will take the time to restore our weary souls. Have we thought doing is being? Help us to be more listeners than doers, for it is in truly hearing You, we can feel Your guidance if we allow ourselves to. Let us all take time in the noise of life to be quiet before You. Let these blind eyes see, feel and know You more deeply. Amen.


Kevin and Karen Osborne are psychotherapists and pastoral counselors. Kevin is going to be a chaplain. He also feels called to be a professor of Psychology specializing in Pastoral Theology. Karen is the Director of a women’s abuse shelter. She enjoys doing cross-stitch while I like writing and singing songs. Karen makes me laugh when she sings the kitty bed-time song saying, “It’s that time. It’s the bestest kitty time of the day!” Kevin enjoys teasing the kitties and making them do kitty dances with music. Their kitty, Catherine, loves it when kitty daddeh sings All Things Bright and Beautiful. Kevin likes doing impressions. He tells children’s stories and helps others with their problems using his hand puppets, Dr. Teddy, who is a therapy teddy bear, and Mike the Moose from Matheson. This is a small town in northern Ontario, Canada, an hour’s drive south of the city of Timmins. Dr. Teddy and Mike the Moose from Matheson are consultants with us in our counselling practice.We are available to assist with worship and preaching to give busy ministers a much-needed break. We offer in-office, and phone counselling to anyone in the world.