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Eyes to see

Let us all prayerfully reflect on the words of the song Open our eyes.

I ask for your prayers as I now have developed a major respiratory bug. As I awoke this morning I had great difficulty with my breathing. I also have asthma. I am having to take nebulization treatments.

Please pray that we will get more doctors in Engelhart, northern Ontario and that those without a doctor in Ontario like me would get one. I did have one, but when I nearly went into respiratory failure in June, he dismissed me as a patient.

People in Englehart have to call at 8:30 a.m. to hope to get to see either a nurse practitioner or a doctor that day. If you are in serious shape they tell you to go to the ER at Englehart and District Hospital. This is overburdening the Englehart ER.

This is a serious problem in our province that the government of Kathleen Wynne needs to address. I have issues with my government about the many medications they fail to cover for me. I submit because I had coverage for my medication singulair pulled that last year it cost the taxpayer over $49,000 for me to be in various hospitals for seven weeks. Singulair was recommended by a respirologist in Toronto to help with my breathing. It was approved. Then, coverage for it was removed. Not even a respirologist can get it covered. The medication costs around $90 a month.

I write these words because I believe that this is a blog that seeks to inspire you, to draw you closer to what it means to be a follower of Christ and people who work together for a more just world.

For over 13 years since I received God’s call to be a passionate social advocate I have spoke out against injustice wherever I see it. This has cost me the loss of some friends, who would far prefer I remain silent. To do so would be to go against my Lord’s calling.

We can only have a just society as we work together, pray and believe together that it can happen. Like Marmar I would give my last breath for such a world, where we lived in peace and harmony with one another; where no one had to struggle to survive on welfare or disability; where those who decide that people on welfare can live on less would be called by God and convicted in their spirits, to have a greater compassion that focused more on lifting people up than cutting them down.

Let none of us think that we are unimportant. We all have a vital role to play in making our communities and our world a better place. When you feel there is an injustice in your community , speak up about it. Email or call your local politician. Offer suggestions on how you would address such injustice or inequity. We need to be more than mere arm chair critics. We need to work together on solutions.

If you see less posts from me while I recover, know it is because I am focusing on getting well.  Know also that I will pray for you all every day, that God’s will would be made fully known in your life.

Know that those who wrote prayers and comments of support for my sister, Judy, have been heard. Judy was so moved by what you had to say that she asked me for the blog site the article Battered Wife Syndrome was published on. She was open about how it was important for her and her husband to stop emotionally abusing one another. She told me that adrenaline flowed through her at all the touching comments you all wrote for her, which I shared with her.

God bless you all for your encouraging comments about me. No words I could write could fully express how you have touched me by what you have had to share. I pray as we are sharing of ourselves one with the other that I am really listening to what you have to say.

To Marmar and my fellow co-authors, I say with all of my heart, it is a blessing to know each and every one of you. Each of you has a unique calling from your Lord that He has just for you. He formed and shaped you for it. I see this as do many who take time to comment about your pieces for your Lord.

When doubt encompasses you, hold fast to the Truth you profess. The Enemy is a lion seeking whom he shall devour. Cling to the hope of Christ that shines out of you. No one can defeat you as long as you keep the faith, fight the good fight and finish the race.

I am a blessed man for having each of you in my life.

I offer to all of you this prayer.

Eyes to see

Father, forgive us when we are too blind to see how much You love us

We get tossed about to and fro

Believing and yet not believing

Loving and yet not loving

Feeling and yet being numb

Numb to our inner pain

Afraid to love and be loved

Caught in prisons of crushing loneliness even when many are around us

We fume and quarrel in our churches when we should be showing agape love

for the hurting souls that are all around us

Lord, help us to learn what it means to be a community

who cares

who listens

who loves unconditionally

who gives a strong hand up to those in need

Hear us, oh God, as we cry out to You

that you would melt cold hearts

strengthen our faith

draw us closer together

Oh Lord, our sin-sick world needs You

Give us eyes to see how far we have gone away from You

How we long to be closer, so much closer to You

Hear the beat of Your Spirit

Be comforted in our time of affliction

and comfort others in theirs

Let us welcome the unwelcome

Listen to their wounded souls

Slow us down, Lord, that we all would see the beauty of a rose

the fine tapestry of love woven within Your creation

Hear the chirping of a robin

See the leaves dancing with the wind

Feel and hear the joyous strains of Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

See the eagle flying through the sky


the symbol of freedom

Freedom to be who You created us to be

Filled with hope that carries us through times that try the most faithful soul

Give us eyes to see that we might help others to see You

And, by really seeing and knowing who You are, that we all would fully see

who we are in You