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Because He Loves You



Are you feeling worn down?

Want to smile, but all you can do is frown

Troubles multiplied in your life

Filled with all kinds of strife

Demanding schedule

Striving for balance at home and in your career

Distant from your wife and children

Little to no time for them you have


Bills are high

Your spirit’s low

You toss and turn through the night

Thinking no one could possibly understand your plight


Karen and I want you to know

We’re only a phone call, visit or email away

You can come to our office in Matheson, northern Ontario

A one hour drive away from Timmins

Four hours away from North Bay

We’ll listen

We’ll care

Whatever way we can help we’ll be there


Please take some time to check out our web site

We deal with issues such as:




marital problems

marriage enrichment

stress management

anger management

goal setting




But we’d like to lovingly remind you

Of the One for you who is always there

Our Father, who all your burdens does share

Let Him in

Don’t shut Him out

Don’t feel alone in your burnout


You can pour on Christ every heartache, every tear

feelings of being a failure

your anger

your bitterness

all that life-consuming pain


God is just a prayer away

His grace line is open 24 hours a day

No fancy words are needed

Share all that is upon your heart

Placing all life’s weight upon the One who truly knows you

Your struggles

Your character

The things about you that you desire to change

Priorities you need to rearrange

How you are searching for more love, more hope, more joy in your life


Then, watch for how to you His peace He will impart

Resting every care upon the great Thou art

Pastor, priest, rabbi, counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist, paramedic, doctor, nurse, patient, friend

We lovingly remind you of God’s love that never does end

Is with us in all the trials in this life and into eternity


God loves you so much!

He gave the gift of His one and only Son,

that new life, new hope would in you be begun

Christ shed His blood at Calvary that from all darkness you’d be forever set free

It was there that the crimson tide did flow

from Jesus, who loves you so


Feeling abandoned by God in the garden at Gethsemane

His disciples falling asleep when He needed them most

They would all deny knowing Him



Battered in body, mind and spirit

Betrayed by Judas Iscariot for 30 pieces of silver

Roman soldiers gambling for His clothes

Given a trial without justice

Pontius Pilate washing his hands of responsibility for His death


Picture Christ nailed to that rugged cross

A mocking crown of thorns

Willing to die

Obedient to His Father to death

Life’s flow draining with each minute, each hour

Dying for me, for you


Simply because He loves you

Kevin and Karen Osborne are Christian pastoral counsellors and psychotherapists. Kevin is studying to become a chaplain and professor of Psychology specializing in Pastoral Theology. We have started You Can Hope Again Counselling. Karen enjoys doing cross-stitch while I like writing and singing songs. Karen makes me laugh when she sings the kitty bed-time song saying, “It’s that time. It’s the bestest kitty time of the day!” Kevin enjoys teasing the kitties and making them do kitty dances with music. Their kitty, Catherine, loves it when kitty daddeh sings All Things Bright and Beautiful. Kevin likes doing impressions. He tells children’s stories and helps others with their problems using his hand puppet, Dr. Teddy, who is a therapy bear. He is a partner with us in our counselling practice.We are available to assist with worship and preaching to give busy pastors and ministers a much-needed break. We offer in-office, and phone counselling to anyone in the world.