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Christmas is…

Christmas is about loving others Bob Hope

Christmas is a time to set aside your work

slow down

take a much-needed rest

to enjoy

have fun

to reflect on the year

ask yourself if your life’s direction continues to be the right one

Does it need to change?

Is the job you are in still the right one?

Is there another career that would make you happier, more fulfilled?

What steps do you need to take to set a whole new course for your life,

one that won’t have you feeling the stress that is ruining your health,

that could kill you if you continue on it?

Christmas or any time is a time to ask yourself, How can I be a better person?

How can I give more to others of my time and some of the blessings I have,

to those who need that caring hand up that leads to hope,

that you really hear the suffering of that person?

You want to be the one that could make a difference in their life.

You could be that person who just doesn’t say you empathize.

You put your words into actions.

Christmas is when you see that homeless man out on that cold street,

hoping that someone would reach out and care.

You pray anyone would say to that homeless man, “I want you to know for you I’m there.

Let me buy you a hamburger, fries, hot chocolate, and a brownie.”

You look and see in that man’s eyes a tear.

That weary, worn expression upon his face turns into a smile,

because love for a while filled that empty space.

As you celebrate Christmas with family and friends,

please remember this.

The best gifts in life are free.

They don’t cost you one single penny.

Love doesn’t cause you to go into debt,

maxing out your credit to please or show off to others

how much you can give.

Christmas is about how love for others can be alive in you.

It’s not about having the latest technology.

It’s not about having that 65” smart TV.

That can be a loving gift, enjoyable, but eventually, it will break down.

The joy it gives is temporary.

Love is the gift that lasts.

Love is the present that will reach the heart of the downcast,

those struggling to not have their addictions be the boss over them, the prostitute, the poor, the lonely, a relative, a colleague, a stranger, a friend.

Love is the gift that will never end.

Christmas is about loving your family, friends, and yes even your enemy.

It’s about letting go of all of your hate, past and present resentments, that anger crushing your spirit.

It’s about mending broken relationships, so in your heart, you can hear the message of healing love that never goes away, like that person who said to the homeless man,

“I care. Let me some of my blessings with you share.”

Christmas is about joy, goodwill to others, peace–on–earth.

Christmas is about what you do to build a kinder, giving, more caring, more just community.

Christmas is about having the eyes to see the hidden poverty of a waitress, who is in a Salvation Army

public service ad eating a bite out of a sandwich left by a customer.

Christmas is about a spirit of love being in your heart 365 days a year.

It’s about comforting others in their times of fear, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

For me as a Christian, Christmas is about loving others, and one important thing more.

It’s about Emmanuel, God with us, the baby Jesus wrapped in the gift of loving humanity to a hurting world so filled with hate.

It’s about His love for you, for me.

It’s about God’s love, Christ’s love, which is always free.

It’s about the Love that lasts from now into eternity.

Dr. Kevin James Osborne, Psy D., D.Sc., D.D., is the Vice-President of Institutional and Mission Development for St. James the Elder University. He feels God is leading him to study more about theology, music, writing, and counseling. Karen is a counselor and a writer. Our mission field is wherever God puts us for His glory.