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What Makes a Bad Day

I would honestly call this day a bad day.
You might not expect to hear that from a positive person but that’s the way I feel today.
That’s the way I feel for a couple of weeks already.
Perhaps everybody has a bad day.
Perhaps all of us have moments in life when we feel like quitting on things, tasks, job, school, mission, responsibilities, etc.
Sometimes something sucks the life out of us that we don’t feel like waking up, start the day, or face reality.
I sense in me an inconsistency.
I used to be fired up in a mission of saving a friend from himself and now in saving his marriage.
But today I just want to escape.
I want to think about myself and  my life.
I want to care about my family and my future.
I’m tired of caring about someone else’s   life, marriage, family and relationship with God.
I feel like I’m losing my own relationships as I go and save others’.
I want some time off.
I want to do what I want to do —things that would make me happy.
I want to be with my family.
I want to be in the church always.
I want to disciple people, read the bible with them and pray with them.
But this path that I chose in faith seems to drag me away from my intimacy with God.
I want this situation to be over soon.
I’m begging God to take me away from here.
I want to go back to Him in daily devotion which my job has deprived me.
I want to be available for people who wish to learn the word of God and longs to know His love.
However I still believe that it was God who put me into this situation to be a blessing.
But it is so tempting to be selfish.
It is so tempting to give up on someone and just go on with your own life.
But today I pray for strength.
I pray for more love and more patience.
And I pray that as I do my mission I don’t lose my own intimacy with God in the process.
And I’m thankful for people that God has provided to encourage me and affirm that I’m doing the right thing.
Now I’m thinking about encouraging people who feels the same.
If you are that person then I say that you hold on.
Don’t give up.
Stay positive and let your positive perspective be evident so that people who needs help will be drawn to you and ask you where you get your strength and why you have lots of faith.
Be the light and the salt.
And let your light shine.
Be an instrument to point people to Christ that they too may find hope and a sense of purpose.