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Father, help us see the Light

light of Christ in the darkness with lightning

 Lightning costs Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue

Almighty God, we live in a world of ever-growing darkness where hate thrives and love becomes harder to see. In those times when we fail to see the love that is around us guard us from being worn down by the fact, that evil still casts its shadow over all that is beautiful, all that is lovely, all that is pure. Give us the spiritual sight to see that love, Your love is around us everywhere we look. It is in the rustling trees that dance with the wind telling us how much You love us. You are calling us to take those minute vacations to look at the rapturous beauty of all You have created. In the sweet chirping of the birds as they talk to each other I believe, Father, they are also talking to us. They are calling us to sing songs of love, joy and eternal praise to defeat the darkness which seeks to destroy us.

Father, there is far too much hate, indifference and inequality in this world. Protect us from the terror of ISIS, and the Ku Klux Clan, who say on their web site that they bring a message of hope and deliverance for white Christian America. Lord, we must learn the lessons of the past that we ignore this encroaching darkness at our own peril. There is no message of light from either ISIS or the Ku Klux Clan. They are agents of the Enemy and must be viewed as such. They represent all that is dark, all that leads people to the path of Hell. Give us the proper perspective that these people with white cloaks are often hiding, remaining anonymous, masking their true identity.

Lord, today I discovered to my shock and horror that there was Klan activity in Ontario ninety years ago. Father, this raises the question of how much have the seeds of hate been passed down from one generation to the next.

Help us to understand the darkness but to not be consumed or lured by its subtle temptations that say you can have a mediocre faith, that you can have the kind of God that you want, that you can have a God that suits your convenience, who fits with allowing you to live half in the darkness and half in the light.

Give us the courage to say that we as Your children stand for light and reject the dark. Save us from a half-committed faith. Cause us to remember when we first accepted You as the Lord of our lives and our hearts. If we have become ensnared by losing our identity as Christians to be accepted by those who do not believe in You, bring us back to those healing memories when we first became babes in Christ, to when we were not afraid to stand for Your Truth, to when we felt a new spring in our step, our heart beating with a child-like spirit of joy.

Help us this day and every day to see the hope of Christ that shines its light in our struggles. Draw us closer to see the love that is in every heart that has not yet given up hope, who sees where light shines, where love, beauty, laughter and abounding joy are, there are You saying, “Here I am. Take My hand.”