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Summer spirit

children playing

Summer spirit fall on me

Sun’s light streaming that sets my soul free

Joyful sounds of children playing

Inner child come alive in me

Let Your holy joy flow through me

The life that comes from praying

Reading Your Word to know what to my heart You are saying

Birds singing their sweet songs

A man waving as he drives by

The beauty of the clear blue sky

When I sit out on the steps of our home

To Your tender loving spirit I do roam

Father, I pray that those who are heavy of heart

Will take time to go outside to breathe Your fresh air

To cast on You their every care

You are always there even when we think you are not

Your summer spirit is always there

With weary hearts Your heart does share

The Truth of Your amazing love

Give us thoughts of things above

Summer spirit flow through me

Make me who I ought to be

Hear me as I call to You

Help me to Your spirit to be true

Let me take time for laughter, for smiles and love

That your summer spirit would always be in me

Today, tomorrow and through eternity