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Karen’s Serenade and a sonnet of love for my wife, Karen

Karen loved this gift I gave her. She asked me to pray about changing the link to the song I wrote of my love for her. My darling, after I prayed about it, I knew in my heart that the song I wrote would not only be an enduring blessing of love to you. It would touch the hearts of many because it’s not someone else’s songs, but rather the song my Lord spoke into my heart to share as a gift to all married couples.

I pray it will touch your heart. May it  help married couples to remember the love that first brought them together.

God bless your marriage. May He always be at the centre of it.


You’ve been with me through the wind and the rain
Through the storms of life
Through times when trust was hard
Through times that were rough and still are

You’ve been there through eight intubations
Too many ER visits to count
A weary head still praying, crying out to God with tears falling
Tears cascading down your rosy cheeks
Begging God that Kevin would be alive at morning’s dawn

To my shield-mate, my God-given bride
To the love of my life next to God
My companion
My soul-mate
My forever friend

I thank God for you
I don’t say it as often as I should
But I say it here and profess my undying love to you
and all those reading this message

Guys, love your wives
They are a gift from God
They support you, fight for you, believe in you
like no other

If God was to call me home tomorrow I would consider myself richer than Donald Trump
Wealthier than a sheik in Saudi Arabia
because love that no money can buy came into my life

So, cherish your wife
Value her more than gold
Pray for her
Protect her
Keep all your promises to her

Sarong hayo, my darling, which in Korean means “I love you.”

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