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Holy Spirit breath

Holy Spirit, I call out to You today

Praying Your Spirit breath would fall upon the weary

That You would lift up all those who feel dreary

Help us in our fear

To Your Spirit draw near

Calm us when people rub us the wrong way

That You would guard the things we say

Help us to see the beauty of our Father’s blue sky

The joy in people as they pass by

The humour in the chipmunk with his full cheeks

The searching that lies in the heart who seeks

Our cry for a heart that is pure

The strength for life’s trials to endure

The laughter in the games of a child

The life that is in all animals that are wild

The healing sounds of a waterfall

The knowledge that to You our spirit can call

The faith that is with us in our human unbelief

The refreshment that is our soul’s relief

The hope of a brighter tomorrow

The comfort You give in times of sorrow

The peace that You give to those who ask

Your strength for every task

Your love that surrounds us in our time of need

Thank you that You do our hungry souls feed

For Your Son who died for all our sin

That Your Holy Spirit breath would dwell within