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The Joy of Knowing You

knowing God and that my redeemer lives

Lord, thank you for the joy of knowing You

For feeling Your love flow inside of me

For setting this sinner free

32 years ago You called me by my name

To be one of Your many voices to the weak, the lame

You allowed me to be like them so I would truly know their pain

To learn that hope deferred does make the heart sick

And that when all feels hopeless to Your heart we all must stick

So with You no matter what we go through this we would know

To You our wounded heart can go

Beyond our hopelessness of today there lies a far brighter tomorrow

Where there are no more tears and no more sorrow

When we are weak then we are made strong

That Your joy in us should be our daily song

Lord, I remember that day You saved me like it was yesterday

When I learned on the Cross Your Son my sin debt did pay

That day I felt Your joy flooding all over me

Your love for me that cold night in March 1982 I finally did see

That pastor’s question still rings in my ears

When I was so weighed down by all my fears

Are you walking beside the horse in defeat or riding that horse in victory?

My life was filled with confusion

You knew I needed a spiritual infusion

I felt a force not of my own propel me to the church altar there

Where I cried out to You my every care

The counsellor listened with a heart of love

As he spoke to me of things above

The words of  a father’s manic rage that brought this child’s spirit low

Words of hate and cruelty that brought me to despair

Began the long path of healing as with You my wounded heart did share

Thank you that night I heard the Spirit’s call

And gave my life to Christ my all in all

I was called to walk the road of suffering that I would see

All the hurting souls longing to be set free

To know in their hearts filled with woe

That to Your loving spirit they can go

And as I found the joy of knowing You that day

That can be the gift of the sick of soul too

If they would just ask You into their heart

And with You make a brand new start

Pray from their darkness to be set free

That they would feel and know the Light of Calvary

God’s gift of  love to you and me

So we’ll all be filled with Your joy today and into Your eternity