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If you cannot see Me

never lose opportunity for seeing anything beautiful Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you cannot see Me child, I am always near

I am in the misty fog when your way is unclear

In every heart that reaches out

You learn what I am all about

If you cannot see Me, I am in every tear you cry

I am your Father Adonai

If you cannot see Me speak to those who can

Those who can teach you how to know who I am

Your pastor, a church member, a caring friend or whoever they be

Look for Me in My Word that gives you the best way to see Me

If you cannot see Me, look for Me in the sky

See Me in every cloud that roles by

See Me in the gentle wind that is My blessing

For in it I am your spirit caressing

See Me in morning’s dawn

As in all things and you that I do breathe My life upon

See Me through the morning, afternoon and  evening too

See Me in how I guide you when you know not what to do

See Me when You have lost your way

See Me so I can turn your night into day

Don’t forget the best news of all

You can see Me in My Son who answered His Father’s call

To love everyone whether they be rich or poor

To show everyone to Christ the door

Who stands there as we hear Him knock

Who loves all the sheep in His flock

You can see Me in the life of My one and only Son

Who ministered for Me in wind, rain, scorching desert sun and in the storm

Who in that manger bare took on a human form

And while He lived among us for a while

He turned many a frown into a smile

By often using one simple word, “Come”

Come to Me with all your sin

Come to Me and have My life dwell within

Come to Me with all your woe

Come to Me when your spirit is tossed to and fro

Come to Me and from your prisons of abuse or whatever they be

See that I set the captive free

Give Me all your pain and sorrow

I’ll show you your brighter tomorrow

Because with Me all you’ve done wrong is in the past

The world won’t give you the love that will last

I can give you love and joy supernal

I can give you love that is eternal

I can give you love when life keeps hitting you in the face

I have enough love for the whole human race

So if you cannot see Me ask yourself have you looked hard enough?

Because I’ve always been here

And I always will be

Just call out My Name

And your life will never be the same