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Spirit of a Child

Dear readers: I wrote this prayer before a worsening chest infection resulted in a 911 call.  An immediate referral is in progress for me to be a patient in the complex care unit of Bridgepoint Health Care Centre in Toronto. My auto immune condition that doctors think is mastocytosis is on a sharp decline.

Today, it took oxygen and three masks of Ventolin to keep me from deteriorating towards being intubated. God is in control. Somehow out of all of this many of His suffering children who come up against one brick wall after the other to get the care they need will finally be heard.

Believe me, as I recover, I will be shouting along with others for all people with chronic and rare conditions to get the help they need for a life of quality, beauty and even joy. I will fight for the right of all people to be treated with the dignity and the respect that is their fundamental human right, and beyond that, how we care for all people is the measure of society’s collective humanity.

Let the Enemy fire his darts. He will not win. God will. God will because darkness can never defeat the Light. Love will win the victory over government policies that fail to look at the people they hurt.

We need to really start giving all people the hand up they need. They don’t need government bean counters who look at the bottom line over people, to tell them NO. We are tired of hearing NO. Tell people who need help, who only ask for that one open door, that one caring soul, that you will be there for them. You will stand with them through the storm.

You will help your neighbor. You will help your friend. You will help those losing hope until they can find their hope again.

Please pray that God breaks through the bureaucratic walls that prevent people like me from getting all the medical and vocational supports they need. While we all pray, struggle, work and believe together for that dream that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned of treating all people with love, equality, justice and dignity,  let us take time out to have the spirit of a child.

Spirit of a Child

Almighty God, give us the strength not of ourselves to forgive all who have hurt us. Help us to let go of our right to hold on to unforgiveness, as if it was a badge of honour. An unforgiving heart is a venomous poison to our soul. Help us, oh God, to draw out that poison wherever You make it known to us. Let us never forget that in You we have the challenging example of forgivenss in how You forgave those who insulted, despised, rejected, ridiculed and then laughing and scorning at Your holy Name, were responsible for Your beating and crucifixion.
When the Enemy whispers to us that we are justified in anger that eats away at is like gnats, steals away our joy, takes away our energy and life like the parasite that it is, let us speak the truth that You love us with an everlasting love. We are Your blessed children. We are Your wounded sheep, who need to be fed with the manna of Your agape love.
Lift us beyond our inner rage, that smouldering fire of hate and indifference, to be Your people of passion, courage and having within us the outstretched hands of Christ’s forever love.
Hear us as we call to You. Let us pour out all the hurt, all anxiety, all our inner seething rage at Your feet. Take us in Your tender arms of love.
Let us reawaken the playful child in us. Help us to give ourselves permission to take off the mantle of our adult life and just do the things we did when we were children, that made us feel happy inside. Go to children. Let them be your teachers. Let them re-ignite the child in you.
Jump on your bed. Sing the songs of your childhood. Husbands, make funny faces at your wives. Wives, make funny faces at your husbands. Have treasure hunts. Throw snowballs at your spouse and your children. Make a snow man. For those in warmer climates, walk in the sand as the waves caress your feet. Build a sand castle. Run in a sprinkler, letting the love of God’s water flood your being.
Take a day each week away from your responsibilities and just have a whole bunch of fun being a kid again. Let us all remember that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we need to come with the spirit of a child.
Father, let us all come to You with the heart of a child. Heal the wounded child within us. Let forgiveness flow. Let healing pour in. Let the healing balm of love come within us.
Let us all be Your children.