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Just checking in


Blessed child, this is your Father checking in

How’s everything going within?

Is your life filled with stress?

Feeling everything’s in a mess

Sometimes, when the bills are high and your spirit’s low

You forget to my Holy Spirit you can go

He is your Counselor

He hears when to Him for guidance you must go

When you feel your life is tossed to and fro

If you feel worthless and all you can see is the lies you’ve been told

Pardon me if I may be so bold

Is your spirit feeling empty and cold?

You pray and pray and pray some more

You can’t see one open door

Your spiritual life has gone dry

You so want to laugh

All you can do is cry

I hear you as you make all those long distance calls to Me

You say I never answer though even long distance calls to Me are always free

Child, I am always here to answer all your calls

I even answer in your slips and falls

I’m with you as you fight the darkness, can’t see the light

I’m with you in all your times of fright

I shower My love upon the disabled and the abused

I hear the cries of all who feel they’ve been used

Could I just sit with you for a while?

Turn all those tears into a smile

I’m just checking in with you today

Hoping everything’s okay

Are you feeling so alone?

No one calls you on the phone

You feel no one loves you

That’s what the Enemy would have you believe

He doesn’t want you to laugh or sing any songs of joy

That’s his ploy

When you feel under attack just call upon My name

Tell the darkness to go away

Because the One always checking in with You always loves you

Child, don’t live your life in defeat

Take some time to pray at Jesus’ feet

Give Him all your hurt and your fear

So that today and into eternity

You will live a life of victory

Because the death of my Son upon that cold crude Cross

Freed you from sin’s tyranny

I pray all I’ve said you do see

Love others as I love you

Because the One checking in on you

To you will always be true