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In the Stillness I hear God’s Call

Ps 46 vers 10 Be still


Listen in the stillness to hear God’s call

His mission for you to love one and all

The veterans, soldiers and first responders who have PTSD

Those who have seen far too much

Scenes of horror played in their mind night and day

Like a movie on continuous play

Thoughts and actions that can destroy their career

The unspoken judgment of their character

The stigma of weakness associated with mental illness

Father, use me as one of your healers of their inner pain

Bring them back to see life and happiness again

The homeless living on the street

The seniors and chronically ill in a nursing home

Those who care for all their needs

Pray for them the richest blessings God would give

May they all feel the love of His spirit within live

Showing the sad the way to joy

Songs of God’s love in their daily life employ

Pray for the caregivers who have a heavy cross

Seeing their loved ones die slowly by degrees

Both in body and in mind

Feeling God to them has been unkind

Listen to their tears

Comfort them in their fears

Caring hearts who help them see hope again

Pray for those who are worn

Those who are forlorn

Hear their story

Listen to their life

Be that caring hand in their strife

Love those lost along life’s way

Addicted and abused

Those who are feeling by others used

Have compassion for society’s outcasts

Teach them about God’s love that always lasts

Never be too busy to care

For all who God calls you to be there

You say, “But I don’t know what is God’s call for me.”

You needn’t always look for it in mission work afar

God’s call may be just right where you are

To be that caring friend

To have them say

God has used you to brighten my day

Kevin Osborne is training to become a minister, psychotherapist and chaplain. He and his wife, Karen, plan to open a counselling practice. Karen is taking graduate divinity studies at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. Kevin is planning on taking additional graduate studies there. He is a member of The Word Guild, a Christian writer’s group in Canada.

Our greatest calling is to be servants of our Lord wherever He calls us to go.