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What’s on the green screen?

green screen
What’s on your green screen? In the pre-production, all you can see is green screen. Someone has to put something there for the picture to be complete and good.

In the procession phase, it’s easy to hide our background; it’s only green to you and everyone else. But you know what’s really there. And you can’t be complete until it’s filled in. But with what? What’s on the green screen?

When it’s time to show your final product, is there something there that’s worth showing? It might be something too shameful to show, and so you just leave the green screen. But that’s not nice to see either. It looks unfinished, sloppy, unprofessional. Perhaps it’s time to change the background of your life.

By your background, I don’t mean your past. It’s what’s behind those eyes; eyes that hold back, contain secrets, regrets, worries, fear. What’s hidden away behind a neon green wall?

Changing the background may require some action in the foreground. Release those secrets, regrets, worries, fear. Confide in a trusted friend. Confront the setback. Pray about it. Let them go at the alter. Shout them up to God and accept that he’ll take care of everything.

Then, in the end, you’ll be proud to show what’s on the green screen. The movie of your life will be beautiful and epic and spectacular.

Don’t let it hide away. It’s time to change the background.