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How do we love others in the violence?

Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors  on Pixabay

Father, we live with the daily reality that our communities are becoming increasingly unsafe. We can’t go out without that truth being somewhere in our minds. There is no 100% effective security system or police protection from others who find ways to get around them. What can we do? How do we live? Do we need to stay home more than we would like? Are we to live in isolation to be as safe as possible? Surely, this is not the kind of life you want for any of us. Could the answer to these questions be that we are to value the people who love us? Is another part of that message to give out the love we have been given? We struggle with what our lives will look like with violence that never goes away. We can love our family, friends, and even strangers. Do we need to do this being separated from them? The problem with that is you can’t give someone a cup of coffee online. You can’t feel the emotion coming from them like you can meeting them face-to-face. Help us, oh God, as we live with the certainty that our lives are full of uncertainties. Give us the courage to show our love for others knowing we live in a world where people will make the free will choice to harm us, and those we love. Lord, that’s a difficult thing to deal with. There is no way we can do that without Your love for others beating in our hearts.

We ask for godly wisdom how we are to live with the truth that evil does exist. Help us shine our light in all this darkness.

Love is more powerful than hate, indifference, and judging others because of their religion, disability, or the color of their skin.

Let us work together for a world where color means nothing more than this is another person I would like to know better.


I’m a stumbling sinner saved by grace trying to teach others about it.