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Nearer to You (To tune of Nearer, my God, to Thee)


Blood flowing from the Cross at Calvary
Help these blind eyes to see
Your way planned for me
Oh, draw me to Your love
To thoughts of things above
Praising You each new day
Coming nearer to You

Help me to see my pain as Your sweet gift
That through it other souls I can lift
Oh, give me Your strength to be
Light in another’s agony
Telling Your amazing story
How you set this abused captive free

When I can’t sleep at night
Pain encompassing me
Give me Your heart to see
How much You love me
Guard me in the night
’til Your morning’s light
Give me Your strength to fight
Drawing others nearer to You

Lord, please be with my wife
Watch over her
In her fear help her to see
How much you love her
Be with her as she prays
Give her Your strength each day
Guide her in her calling to be
Nearer to You

When my life’s work is done
When I’ve drawn my last breath
Take me to be with You
To Your eternal joy and rest
In Heaven’s choir will be
My forever song of love to You
Lord, thank you for the joy
Of coming nearer to You

–Kevin James Osborne