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Your always New Year’s day

Lord, there’s a hurting soul needing You

Worn and weary and filled with woe

They pray and pray some more

They can’t find the open door

They pray and pray some more

Until they feel they can pray no more

They shout out and yell at You

I can’t find You, Lord

Oh, how I need You!

I gave, Lord. I gave my all

I answered Your holy call

I served and served some more

I gave everything I could give

To teach hurting souls how to live

To hear and obey Your holy call

To speak of You at home, business and at school

To comfort the poor,lonely and afflicted

And even those who are addicted

But, Lord, now I’m the one needing You

More than I ever thought would be true

In teaching others about the tempter’s power

In fighting for souls hour after hour

I forgot to take that time I need with You

I gave and gave some more

Now, I can’t find that open door

Oh, God, hear me in my lonely hour

Give me once again Your holy power

Forgive me for my stubborn pride

To think that I could give and give some more

And call everyone I know to the open door that is You

The Christ who knows me true

You see me black and blue

Beaten and worn down

Needing you, oh needing You so!

Hear me as I pray

Free me from the snare of sin

Wash me now and make me whole

Oh, hear me as I call to You

I don’t know what to do

I’m lost, alone and feeling in a fog

My energy is spent

I don’t know where it went

This burnout came in stages

Thinking I could spend less time with You

It happened through my moments and my days

I couldn’t sleep so many nights

I tossed and turned in my bed

Until now each day I dread

Lord, I have nothing left to give

I want to live again in You

Oh, Lord, what am I to do?

I’m weary, worn, black and blue

And then I hear Your call

My child, don’t you see?

By the Cross you’ve been set free

Free to be who I called You to be

I am the open door

I’ve always been there to hear your every care

You are the apple of My eye

My child, all you need to do is take My hand

And lay your weary head on Me

I’ve always heard Your many calls

Not one did I ever turn down

I never called you to give until you had nothing to give

Yes, I called you to work hard for Me on the land and in people’s  stormy seas

But then You strayed from Me

In little pieces here and there

You forgot to cast on me your every care

Now, you’re caught in the tempter’s snare

Going here and going there

Thinking it is always my call to You

And now you’re worn, weary, black and blue

I’ve heard your tears so many lonely nights

You’ve tossed and turned in your bed

You wake up feeling half dead

You have nothing left to give

Not one bit of strength is left in you

My child, don’t you see?

I love you with an everlasting love

I feel your pain, your hurting soul

Come to Me who are weary and heavy of heart

I give you My life, My blood, My all

I died for you on Calvary’s Cross

To free you from sin’s destruction

Now, please listen to my heavenly prescription

To free you from sin’s addiction

It is contained in one simple word — Come

Come to Me with your heart and soul

Wherever you may be

Come to Me who will give you live anew

Then, you’ll no longer feel worn, weary, black and blue

Flee from sin this very hour

Flee from how it is killing your soul

And this new year seek what is My one goal

That you would always come to Me

On the land and in life’s stormy seas

Let Me give you My life

To give you My power through times of strife

That my child will be a glorious day

That will be your always New Year’s day

That will be your always New Year’s day