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Tshilidzini Special School – No child has ever been loved enough

God has put Christiane van Heerden, her husband and family on quite a journey of faith. Their income as pastors is much less in South Africa than what they earned in Germany. Things many people would be able to afford like a T-shirt or dental work are more difficult to pay for on their limited salary. However, what shines through in this article is Christiane’s faith that Christ hears their needs and especially those they teach and minister to.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Christiane as a guest author on Mind’s Seat. Christiane, perhaps God will speak to your heart to become a co-author on Mind’s Seat, highlighting these issues and yours and your family’s journey of faith.

I found this piece gave me greater insight to the struggle children face in Africa to have enough food to eat and get a good education. It painted a vivid picture of the unmet needs of children who are blind and have medical challenges. The principal and the teachers do their absolute best with the limited resources they have.

Please pray that God brings the people, resources and the money to help the African people in their common struggle with poverty and to have a realistic hope for a brighter tomorrow. Let us all pray and work together using the gifts God has given us, to bring that dream from vision to reality.


Bridging Worlds

When you live in South Africa, chances are that you are barely making it through your month.

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That’s why at month end the supermarkets are overcrowded with people who received their pay and can buy some food again. I was not used to this from my former life in Germany. I now earn a fraction of what I brought home monthly in Germany. Medical costs are high – my son needed his teeth fixed and it actually cost more than what I get in a month.

As pastors of a big community church in the poorest of all SA provinces, we deal with so many crises that it sometimes seems like climbing a never ending mountain. We had to bury a lot of young people recently due to crime and traffic accidents.

Working for a church means to be the crisis center of a community. And a church in a…

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