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Seeing your life from a new perspective

kitty with a different perspective

Our kitties, William, a.k.a. Sir William of Lounge, a.k.a. Sir Lounge a Lot a.k.a. Sir William at Large and, Catherine, a.k.a. Princess Catherine of Chaos and Her Royal Highness, Catherine of Englehart, remind me how much God loves me through their kitty pins, kisses and guarding me when I’m ill as they lay with me.  I smile as I reflect on their funny antics. William looks at me with resignation as if to say, “Kitty daddeh, please just tell me when the kitty dance you’re making me do with praise songs and 1950s and 60s rock music  is over.” Catherine looks at Karen and I thinking we are stupid humans ” Gah, kitty daddeh and kitty mommeh are  so dense today. When will they understand what I want? I’ll just go away and bathe and maybe sometime today they’ll finally get with the program and give me what I want!”

Our kitties are used by God to help Karen and I see the beauty of our Lord’s creation. Thank God for our pets, who help us see beyond our challenges to how we can be a blessing to our Lord and one another. They bring much-needed sunshine into our weary souls.

Tell God, your spouse and your pets today how much you love them. I guarantee when you do that you will see your challenges from a new perspective of how you share that love you have received with others.