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Draw me to Your sweet serenity

Let us draw close to God’s heart as we listen to those words of Just as I am.

Loving Heavenly Father, thank you that we can come to You just as we are with all the warts and blemishes of our character. Remove the spiritual blindness from our eyes, so we can see the truth that as we are real about the faults in our character, You can draw us to Your sweet, loving peace.

God of all comfort, I lift all those before You who have no peace in their life or who have fragments of peace here and there. Father, draw them all close to You.

Let them pour out their weary and broken hearts to You. Lord, only You can remove the deep and gnawing fatigue within us, the darkness which seeks to destroy us bits at a time.

Father, our lives are far too crowded with the noise of other people’s expectations of us.  The only one we need to be pleasing is You. Block out the voices of  humanity, which call us to a comfortable and convenient faith which has less of the Light of Christ and more of the darkness of the Enemy.

We are caught in the raging storm of an ever-growing despair and hopelessness in our life. We struggle to find You in the stress of our lives. We feel at times abandoned, though we never want to feel that way. We are lost in the misty fog of our doubts and fears.  Help us find our way out of the fog, out of the desert of our inner pain, to the oasis of Your life-giving healing and abounding joy.

Rescue those who are the victims of abuse. Help all who have been and are still the victims of abuse never to feel any guilt for their abuse. You did nothing wrong. Your abuser is the one who is wrong. Your abuser is the one who needs to repent of their terrible sin and live a life that gives to others, that does not rape souls.

The journey of those who are followers of the Cross is onerous. Our collective calling to be healers of one another is a heavy cross to carry. Lord, help us to know that we never bear that weight alone. In our struggles and those times of agonizing pain in our body and in our spirit, You hear the prayers that are too painful to speak out. You, oh God, hear our private tears, feel each tear we cry.

Father, there are so many lives that are in a mess. Shattered dreams,vanquished hopes, the cutting and callous destruction of ill-thought words spoken and unspoken. Father, the piece makers of the Church need to be loved, but also need to be told that their actions are unacceptable. We are called by Your abiding grace to love one another as You love us. We need to follow the example Your Son set in even praying for those who were responsible for His cruel crucifixion.  Let forgiveness flow as the gentle rain from Heaven, forgiving ourselves and forgiving one another for the crippling harm we have caused to one another.

Lord, we need to end the division among us in the Church and in society. We need to work together and stop denominational bashing. You are calling me and all of us to be a more loving and understanding people.

Hear the cries of lonely hearts and torn apart lives. Your one and only Son can fix all that is wrong with us, can draw us to the peaceful rivers of Your abiding peace, love and joy. We just need to be open and real about where we are wanting, where we need to grow in our relationship with You.

Father, let us all seek the help we need to be the people You want us to be. Whether it is in friendships with listening hearts or the deeper need of professional counselling. let us all do what we can to change ourselves, to be Your truly holy people of love and a burning passion for souls that knows no bounds.

Give us loving hearts as wide as the sea of Galilee. Let us learn to work together in government and community as we all seek by Your wisdom to stretch out our arms of love, understanding and tender tolerance for each other.

Melt bitter, angry and icy hearts with the flame of Your agape love, the love that asks nothing except that we would come and receive the forever gift of Your grace.

We can have a more beautiful world as we work together changing those things we hate in ourselves. Let us be patient as we work on improving ourselves, realizing that Your character in us is not built in a day, a month or a year; it is a daily consecration of giving all our pain to You, who is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of our faith.

Protect us from the forces of darkness, which would seek to bring us down into a poisonous bubbling cauldron of inner rage and unrelenting torment.

Help us, oh God, to see You more clearly, with a greater assurance of Your divine presence in our lives.

Heal us all as we draw ourselves to the living waters of Your comforting peace.