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Tell me, Lord, of Your wonderful Love

Christ's crucifixion

The appeal for God’s answer:

Lord, tell me of Your wonderful love

Tell me there is life from above

Tell me the story of the Christ of the Cross

Tell me why He died for me

Tell me

Oh, please tell me!

God’s answer:

My child, I am Your Lord of Love

My Son came down from Heaven above

To lead a sinful world to life in Me

If they would just repent of their sins

To be set free

My Son walked upon this earth

To bring hurting souls news of great worth

That when they ask release from their prisons of pain

I will free them to live a victorious life in Me

The response:

Thank you, Lord, for loving me so

Thank you for never letting me go

Thank you, Lord, for hearing my pain

For saving me

For saving me