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Return sweet hour of prayer

I wrote this prayer thinking what many in spiritual struggle would say to their Lord.

Return sweet hour of prayer

Draw me away from my world of care

Let me come before You with all my heart

And with You, Lord, make a brand new start

I have known You for many a year

You’ve been with me through all my joy and in every tear

This world with all its stress

Its go here do that

Lord, there are times it leaves my spirit flat

I want to know You more

’cause Lord, my spirit sure gets sore

How I need to return to Your sweet hour of prayer

And find You there

Father, there are so many who have run so dry

They have no more tears left to cry

Let me point them all back to You

Those whose spirits are bruised, black and blue

Let me help them feel that resurging joy

That’s found in coming before You

With all their pain

With all their stress

With all their fear

With all  their doubts

With all their anger

With all their rage

Sharing their every care

They would return to their sweet hour of prayer