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Resurrection Life and Love

Resurrection flow when our strength be low

Help us when we don’t know which way to go

Lift us up when we fall down

When we want to smile, but all we can do is frown

Let us cast every care on You

To take time to smell the fragrance of a flower

See the beauty in the stars

And when we look up into the sky

Let us in this our hearts draw nigh

That Your resurrection river gives us wings to fly

To touch the hearts of those who cry

To be Your outstretched hands of love

To be Your hands and feet to those living on the streets

To never say I have no time for a hurting soul

To bring a coffee and listen to the lives of others

To offer more than a simple God bless you

if there be a need You call me to meet in someone’s life

Let me do it with Your resurrection Life and Love

The outpoured river of Your agape grace

To help put a smile on a sad face

If there be struggling soul who is doing their best

Let me share some of the financial blessings You have given me

To those beaten down by life

To those who need to feel more of Your resurrection Life

In all the things we do for You

In all the healing we seek for our own soul

Let us bathe in the river of Your resurrection life

The ocean of Your amazing love

Resurrection Life and Love flow through me

Be with me as I wake and go through my day

Let me take time to read Your Holy Word

To pray for all the needs that come my way

For in doing all these things to me I feel You say

My child, in loving others, in being Love and Light

This shall Your blessing be

A river of resurrection Life and Love from now into eternity

When we wield the sword of resurrection Love

The Enemy will never win

Because we have shone the Resurrection Light

Brought love into hearts who are grim

Thank you for the joy of knowing You

Resurrection river that flows from the Cross

That turns our darkness into Light

That says thank you for loving a sinner like me

That turns my resurrection river into a sea

The sea of Your amazing love

The hope found in all things above

That’s the resurrection river of Love I can never get enough of