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Hope for a brighter tomorrow


Hope of my soul that beats in my heart

Hope that makes every day a brand new start

Hear me, oh God, as I pray

Guide me through this stormy gale

Let me sing songs of the hope that can be found in You

The hope of knowing You

The hope that comes in loving You and being loved by You

Lord, You hear my tears in the night

You tell me to embrace the Light

The Light of Your one and only Son

The Truth that gave hope to many over 2,000 years ago

The Love that is with me when I feel low

The grace that touches this hurting soul

The peace that guides me in my darkest hour

The strength that gives me my inner power

The holy flame that lights me inside each day

You, oh God, are my hope, my stay

You are with me all the way

Through  pain, sorrow and grief

You help this weary soul to find relief

Because of the hope that keeps me from the tempter’s power

Because of the promise You give of life anew

To all who would come to You

And say I need You this very hour

I confess all my sin

And pray You’ll dwell within

So You’ll be my hope, my strength, my stay

And be with me all the way