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Christmas should be a 365 day experience

My Christmas gift to all of you.- King’s College Choir singing Christmas carols

This piece came about in responding to a commenter on you tube. I was looking for some relaxing Christmas music and came upon this comment under an Andrea Bocelli video.

What a blessed time of year!  People seem to harken back to being loving, kind, and caring!  Why aren’t we this way all year?  It is what Jesus came to teach us!  Life is simple…if you simply live it!

This was my response.

Yes, it is Angela. My heart travels back at this time of year to thoughts of family, the smell of my mom’s apple pie with just a hint of cinnamon and making angels in the snow. Loving and caring times that really should be a 365 day experience.

I lost my mom to a massive heart attack three days before Christmas 1992. Yes, Jesus came to teach us that love conquers hate and even indifference… I’ve been a Christian for over 30 years. Through my mom’s death I was brought back to life, back to a sense of renewed purpose.

This Christmas let it be a special time loving your family and friends and remembering that love and a spirit of brotherhood is a far better and enduring gift than the latest Smart Phone, iPad or iPod. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Gandhi fought with courage for a more loving world. Can we do any less?

You see, when we love one another, really love one another, then the spirit of what Christ sought to teach a world filled with hatred and indifference, lives on in all of us. Whether you are a believer or not we all can live in greater love, tolerance and understanding of one another.

As I take some much-needed time to reflect on the meaning of my life and the Lord’s next steps for it, it is my earnest prayer that you all will have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy it to its fullest. To those of the Jewish faith, Happy Chanukah!

Be good to one another. Extend a helping hand up to those in need. Mentor even one person.  Soar to your dreams and take others with you to realize theirs.Take a few hours and give back to your community by voluntering at a food bank or anywhere you are needed.

In doing all of these things Christmas will become a 365 day experience.

The grace and peace of our Lord jesus Christ be with you all.