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Father, heal the world

Father, heal the world

Let us all know in our hearts that there is no black, there is no white

There is only one people seeking to shine Your light

In Your world we are all equal in Your sight

Give us love to work together, to help heal the wounds of hate

Before it is too late

Give us eyes to see that we can help each other in community

By showing our compassion, our humanity

Help us to shine the love within one another

To love each person as our sister, our brother

Help us build a more beautiful world together

Where there is no K.K.K.

Where there is a brighter today, a more loving tomorrow

Where there is no more darkness, no more sorrow

The darkness cannot win if God’s love dwells within

Let’s get rid of weapons of mass destruction

And put our world under a more loving construction

Where we have no more war

Where we share a weapon darkness will never understand

The power that comes from holding each other’s hand

Through the storms of life

Through times of strife

Children teach us how to love

They teach us how to laugh

They help heal hurting hearts with their smile

They show us the power of love that goes that extra mile

We heal the world one heart loving another

Treating each person as our brother

By loving each other we teach our children to care

To stop the language of hate and indifference

Showing God’s love makes the eternal difference

So we can have a more healed world today and into God’s tomorrow

Where there will be no more tears and no more sorrow