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Lord, we thank You for another year

Lord, we thank You for another year

Let us enter it without fear

Knowing You are there to hear our every care

Help us to know when we are sad

That singing to You can make us glad

When the skies are grey

We thank You that we can pray

Hear us as we cry to You

When we know not what to do

You are our hope and stay

You give us strength to face another day

You hear the beating of our heart

You feel our tears when we’re torn apart

You say lay on Me your every care

You tell us You’ll be there

You lead us on by Your right arm

You keep us from the tempter’s snare

We know You’re always there

So, Lord, thank You for another year

Let’s face it with our head held high

And when our work on this earth is done

You’ll take us home to Heaven’s sun

Where there is no more sorrow and no more pain

Where there are no more storms, no wind and rain

Where there are no more tears

Where You’ll be there through eternal years

But while we are here keep us close to Your heart

Hear us oh God, we pray

For in hoping in You today and every day

It will always be a New Year’s day