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More Love Than Hate

child learns what is taught

Dear reader: I have edited the piece below. After much thought I realized I needed to further clarify this important point. While hate exists our individual and collective responsibility is to love, and not hate.

We do not know what today we shall face

The things we will see or hear

This I pray will be in our hearts

Love that darkness cannot erase

God’s comfort in our fear

Voices raised would seek for us to believe,

there is more hate than love.

With this lie they seek people to deceive

The truth is there is yet still more love than hate

We defeat the lie by embracing this truth

Love still burns within many

It is there in each act of kindness

Every time you shed tears for the hurting

When you help others

When you are a light in someone’s darkness

Those times you practice the power of love

A prayer

A smile

A hug

A phone call to cheer up someone who needs you

An outstretched hand that says you care

You are not alone

I am here

I will not go away

How can I be a blessing to your day?

When others seek for you to believe in a world filled with hate,

show them the truth that lives inside you.

Love that is given free

Love that says to others,

“I will be here as long as you need me.”

Love that teaches a child to love

To treat everyone equally as their brother

If we fail teaching our children to love and let all hate go,

this will one day be a certainty.

The end of our humanity

Kevin and Karen Osborne are Christian pastoral counsellors and psychotherapists. We are starting You Can Hope Again Counselling. Karen enjoys doing cross-stitch while I like writing and singing songs. Karen makes me laugh when she sings the kitty bed-time song saying, “It’s that time. It’s the bestest kitty time of the day!” Kevin enjoys teasing the kitties and making them do kitty dances with music. Their kitty, Catherine, loves it when kitty daddeh sings All Creatures Great and SmallKevin likes doing impressions.  He tells children’s stories using his hand puppet, Dr. Teddy.