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A Prayer for Expedited Justice in Ukraine

Image by Myriams-Fotos on Pixabay

Almighty God, we pray for an expedited process to bring all responsible for war crimes against the people of Ukraine to justice. Sanctions are having an effect, but they aren’t enough. Putin’s war machine keeps grinding on. It has reduced cities like Mariupol and Kharkiv to rubble. Thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been killed.

There has been no attempt by Russian forces to hide assaulting and killing women and children. Over 300 people in Bucha lay dead along a 45-foot long trench by the Church of St. Andrew & Pyervozvannoho All Saints Church.

Putin must be stopped. He is an offense to our shared humanity. Russian government officials and oligarchs are responsible for allowing Putin to continue putting Ukrainians and the world in a state of terror.

Father, please speak to the hearts of the Russian people that Putin is a deceiver who cannot be trusted.

We pray for our leaders. It is a heavy mantle of responsibility those in government carry. They need our prayers. They too are stressed by what rules constrain them in their ability to do.

Our desire for vengeance is understandable. In our humanity, we would want Putin and his subordinates stoned and strung up like former Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini. If my son or daughter was murdered, I honestly don’t know how I would react. I have wrestled with my heart’s cry for retribution. That isn’t the way You want us to behave. You say that You will repay. You will exact a specific measure of Your punishment to anyone who harms any of Your children.

Father, this war must be stopped. This cruelty must end.

Please show the people of Ukraine You stand with them.

Please put a spirit of conviction upon Russian leadership to stop the war in Ukraine. Give them no peace or rest until they do the right thing, and turn Putin over for prosecution.

This was an invasion of a sovereign country. Ukrainians were living their lives in peace. Their freedom was attacked. Many may never feel safe again, no matter where they live. The effects of trauma can be permanent. Many will suffer in silence. They won’t ask for help. They will try to brave soldier it. Tell them it’s no sign of weakness to ask for help. It displays a maturity of character to know when a problem is beyond your ability. It shows you understand the importance of caring for yourself.

We need to have two open hands and caring hearts with which to treat the suffering

We pray for those who work in humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and other countries. Help them as they deal with the emotional and physical needs of the people they are helping. This tough work takes its toll. Give them the support they need.

Father, our outrage doesn’t work on Putin. He thrives on it. He enjoys it. Only You can hit Putin where he lives. We urge You to do that at this critical time for Ukraine and our world.

Everyone, please keep praying without ceasing for the war in Ukraine to end.

We are in this together.