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My prayer for David Akama to have a better life

Kenyan bombing May 16th, 2014

A policeman secures the scene of twin explosions at the Gikomba open-air market for second-hand clothes in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, May 16, 2014. The evacuation of British tourists started on May 15th.

Photo: Reuters

CNN reports: The Kenyan military crossed into Somalia in 2011 to battle the terrorist group Al-Shabaab, which it blamed for kidnapping tourists in the coastal region. In retaliation, the terrorist group has launched a spate of attacks, including targeting bustling bus stations with grenades.

Last year, militants stormed the Westgate Mall in Nairobi and held shoppers under siege for days. At least 67 people were killed.
There are about 5,000 British nationals living along the Kenyan coast, according to the Foreign Office.

About 10% of those are in Mombasa and surrounding areas.

Dear readers: I ask you to seek God’s will as to how best to reach out to my friend and fellow brother in Christ, David Akama. In my prayer group we have been praying for David to receive a university scholarship. All the character reference letters I have read attest to David’s servant heart and great potential to be a leader. Through dealing with corruption and lack of opportunity in his own country, he has remained faithful to his Lord. His country is under ongoing attacks from terrorists, who care nothing for the ten people they have already killed and for 70 Kenyans wounded in a bombing of May 16th.

Somali extremists are threatening an attack on the United States.

If someone out there could open the door for David to get a university scholarship to leave Kenya, he could get a much-needed break from his life being under constant threat of death.

I helped David with his application to the University of Toronto scholarship program. He was turned down. The marks on his high school transcript are quite good, especially considering how David and his family have had to struggle so much with poverty.

I know there are many other people in David Akama’s situation. They too need to have all countries reach out and help them. I realize the need is great. If we can rescue this one man think of the many lives he will influence. Perhaps,his story of overcoming adversity will inspire many people to give others that strong arm of support they need. As they succeed they will inspire others to succeed.

Love that we give to others is an action word. We don’t just say I love you to those who need us; we show that love by putting action with our words. “Love is more than a noun — it is a verb; it is more than a feeling — it is caring, sharing, helping, sacrificing.” -William Arthur Ward, American author, editor, pastor and teacher

I wrote this prayer below for David in my prayer group.

Let us all reach out to this young man in his time of need.

If you want to send a message of prayerful support to David,please email me at

Thank you for taking time to pray for and reach out to David.


David, our prayers are with you during this frightful time for you. I bring this article from the Washington Post to everyone’s prayerful attention. Somali extremists have threatened further attacks on Kenya and are saying that in the name of Allah, they intend to attack the U.S. Sadly, as the report below states ten Kenyan citizens have already been killed and 70 wounded.

Let us also pray for David’s family and all who become the victims of barbaric acts of terrorism. After 911 whatever sense of security we had has been shattered. Father Henri Nouwen said that the great threat to people’s security would be increasing acts of terrorism.

Almighty God, we live in perilous times. David, the people of Kenya and all places in the world affected by the evil of terrorism live in fear. Father, we so much all need to trust in You as the very real threat to life exists in Kenya and throughout our world. Terrorism is a tool of the Enemy to cause people to live in a perpetual state of fear.

Loving and merciful Heavenly Father, David needs You to watch over him. I ask that You, oh God, would protect him and all the people of Kenya. Father, in times like these it would be logical to ask those why questions. Why did You allow 10 Kenyans to be killed and 70 to be wounded? Why are these Somali extremists not brought to justice?

Our faith says to trust You through our questions, doubts and fears. Father, I’m asking that You would give David that peace which our limited human minds can never fully and truly understand. We don’t have Your mind. We don’t know nor do we understand all Your ways.

Lord, please let others see the light of Christ shine from David’s heart in this time of national crisis in the country of Kenya. Almighty God, bring the world community together as a united force to say to all terrorists that their acts of terrorism will no longer be tolerated.

Lord, our world is in such a state of international conflict. Give strength and wisdom to the ambassadors of peace. Send peace envoys to all troubled spots throughout our world. Let them have the authority that where it is possible, to address the issues which cause the seeds of terrorism to grow in the first place.

Oh, God, please keep David, my dear friend and brother in Christ under Your watchful care. Father, give David the opportunity for a life away from constant threat of death. Open the doors wide for him to leave Kenya to get the schooling You want him to have.

Lord, we all know David has already shown himself to be a leader. I think he needs a rest from living in a constant state of fear.

All the people of Kenya and throughout our world need much greater peace in their lives.

Bring all who commit acts of terrorism before Your holy and earthly justice, which even for the vilest offender, always includes the availability of Your mercy.

As Pope John Paul 11 was called by You to forgive his assassin, let us live our life after the pattern set by Your Son in praying for our enemies, praying for a more loving world where hate, indifference and inequality will not be tolerated any longer. Amen.

Please note the article below on Kenyan deaths and injuries for your prayers.