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Spring in your soul

Here’s Michael W. Smith’s A New Hallelujah to give a lift to your soul

Soon winter will be gone

The newness of spring will be born

We’ll hear the birds sing in the early dawn

Smell the sweet fragrance of flowers

Hear the rivers flow

The leaves of the trees will dance with the wind

Frogs will go, “ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.”

The song of the crickets will sound

Children will be playing their games outside

The sights, smells and sounds of spring will be here

Let us not forget as winter goes and spring arrives

That there is a far more important spring than the season of spring itself

It is the spring of your soul

The new life that comes to those who would come to Christ

The resurgence of life that comes to those who have a passion to know Christ more

Cold hearts can become warm

Warm hearts can become warmer

A spring of new hope, a shining purpose can live in every heart

Beat in each soul

Call you to a new way of thinking about your life and the reason you are here

Take you from old and defeating directions to new and victorious ones

Draw you closer to God’s heart and His will for your life

So your Lord can be the spring in your soul

The Light in your darkness

The Joy in your sadness

The Hope in your hopelessness

The spring of your soul